Why Homeowners Are Choosing to Stay

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"Unpacking the Trend: Why Homeowners Are Choosing to Stay Put for Longer"

Let's go back 20 years. Say 2004. The duration people stayed in their homes. It was averaging between 5:00 and seven years. So, what's changed?

"Remote Work Revolution: How Telecommuting is Redefining Homeownership Tenure"

"The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Catalyst for Change in Living and Working Dynamics. A significant shift has emerged as individuals and businesses alike realize the viability of remote work, reducing the need for employee relocation. This evolution in the workplace has led to a redefined culture of homeownership, with many choosing to stay rooted where they are."

"City Bustle or Suburban Serenity: Navigating the Pros and Cons of Urban vs. Suburban Living"

"Geographical Influence on Housing Tenure: The Contrast Between Urban Mobility and Rural Stability. In densely populated cities, the transient nature of rental markets often leads to higher turnover rates. Conversely, the suburban and rural landscapes, where homeownership is the norm, tend to see residents settling in for extended periods."

"Settling In: How Baby Boomers Benefit from Historically Low Mortgage Rates Acquired in Recent Times"

The number one reason for low inventory today is the impact of low interest rates and sudden inflationary hikes. In recent years, the allure of low interest rates has been offset by rapid increases due to inflation and the Federal Reserve's measures to counteract it. Reviewing the financial implications of these changes, homeowners frequently conclude that relocating doesn't make economic sense, leading to fewer houses being listed for sale."